Share Your Story

Every seven minutes a child in the United States is bullied. You’re not alone. We want to hear your story.

Bullying thrives in secrecy. When parents and victims tell their story, it removes the veil that bullying relies on. We give those that have been bullied a platform to give and receive support from others that have been bullied and share their experiences.

Your stories can and will help others. Sharing your experiences will give a voice to parents, children and educators. You no longer have to feel isolated and alone. We’re forming communities of support and it starts with your story.

Kiana X, Belize

Kiana's Story There are times where people say things to others without knowing the effect…

Maxwell Bentley, Atlanta GA

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Coach Becca & Her Son, California

A Warrior Mom & Son, California The mean-girl bullying I experienced in high school made…

September 11th: Anonymous, NYC

September 11th: Anonymous, New York September 11, 2001 the day my life and many Muslim…
Big for Something: Melvin, Oregon
A Mom’s Regret: Sharieka, Texas

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