For a Day

No Bullies Allowed For a Day program connects businesses and/or professionals with children in a hands-on, educational learning experience. Each session provides valuable, real world knowledge that helps build confidence, exhibits the value of hard work and gives children access to tools and environments otherwise unavailable.

Our Mission

We expose children to environments that are stimulating and engaging while teaching the value of hard work and building confidence.

Age Group

6-16 years old

Group Size

1-10 children per group

The Program

For a Day is a field-based confidence building program that offers an opportunity for children to build confidence through different experiences. By connecting with professionals, children will acquire knowledge in various industries and skill sets. From working with farmers, software companies, train operators and even racetracks, children will learn important life lessons and skills.

Each experience will aid in social interactions and enable children to establish themselves as leaders. Their worldliness and acquisition of knowledge provides lifelong benefits. Children can feel confident and enthusiastic when engaging in conversations about their For a Day experience, answering questions, and sharing information with their peers on social media and in person.

How It Works

1. Connect

Professionals and/or businesses will select a day to host a No Bullies Allowed group. Children and their parents can register on their local No Bullies Allowed website to attend the event.

2. Experience

Children will have a unique, first-hand experience in the professional’s industry and environment. This event will walk children through the inner workings of the profession and teach skills.

3. Reflect

At the end of the day, children can reflect with their parents and peers. The experience can fuel a passion, build confidence and teach valuable lessons that are carried throughout their lives.

4. Share

Sharing is also key in the child’s experience. Through pictures and social media posts, children and their parents are able to share their experiences, interact online, and answer questions.

Sign Up

Business Sign Up

We invite businesses and professionals to participate in our For a Day program. We will help in planning the event, schedule an onboarding, and make an onsite visit. Take a moment to complete the form below, and we will contact you within 1-2 business days.

Parent Sign Up

As we build the program, parents will have the ability to access a list of participating professionals and/or businesses. We are currently signing up businesses, so we encourage parents to sign up for our newsletter to receive updates on the For a Day program.

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