Coloring Book Campaign

The No Bullies Allowed Coloring Book Campaign encourages children between the ages of two and five to engage in healthy, cooperative interactions. The coloring books are distributed to childcare facilities for easy transition into school curriculum.

Age Group

2-5 years old

Teaching Method

Coloring Books


Teach pro-social skills that deter bullying traits in toddlers.

About the Campaign

Through research, it has been found that the best way to address bullying is to stop it before it starts. Early childhood bullying is rarely addressed or acknowledged. If adults don’t know that bullying happens among young children, they won’t see it or stop it. The coloring book addresses these incidents that are often overlooked.

This interactive campaign provides the backdrop for childcare facilities and educators to promote positive behavioral traits through illustrations. Each coloring page is used as a teachable moment to recognize and reinforce expected behaviors, including positive character traits, use of kind words, and the value of teamwork. The scenarios will discourage bullying behaviors and teach the skills and strategies needed to become resilient against bullying. This campaign also assists early education and childcare facilities in preventing bullying from occurring, reoccurring, or intensifying.

How It Works


Childcare facilities will receive and insert children’s name and facility hashtags on coloring books for each child between the ages of 2 and 5.


Facilities will distribute the coloring books and children will color in the coloring pages. Each coloring page will feature local sponsor(s).

 Take a Picture

Parents will take a picture of the coloring page. The picture will include the colored illustration, lesson, and hashtags.


Parents will share the image of the coloring page on social media along with the provided hashtags. This will help spread the positive traits or anti-bullying message.

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