No Bullies Allowed fundraising provides an excellent opportunity for local businesses, restaurants, schools and organizations to show their commitment to bullying prevention and awareness. Our fundraising partners help us create a greater impact by reaching more communities and heightening public awareness of our mission. Through collaboration with partner nonprofit organizations, together we reach beyond our fundraising goals and gain exposure to new supporters.

Learn more about our fundraising avenues below.


Restaurant partners provide customers with the ability to donate to No Bullies Allowed easily and digitally. With banners, ticket donations and employee shirt buttons, customers are introduced to the initiative and given the opportunity to support.

Wristband Sales

Local businesses, schools and organizations can sell official No Bullies Allowed wristbands to generate funds for the initiative. With donations of $7 or more, donors will receive a wristband. Partner nonprofit organizations will also receive a percentage of donations for their cause.

Fundraise With Us

Fundraising Partners

Torah Academy of San Antonio

Location: San Antonio, TX

Dr. Travis C Batts MD, FACC

Location: San Antonio, TX

Coming Soon!

The Station

Location: Houston, TX

Coming Soon!

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An End To Bullying Starts With Us

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