No Bullies Allowed has created online training courses for children, parents, and facilities that service kids and their families. This training includes courses that help to identify bullying, provide solutions, and teach preventive measures to address bullying.


The student certification course teaches children what bullying is, how to identify it and how to be a positive influence for their peers. We also expose the effects of bullying and how students can be instrumental in stopping a bullying occurrence from happening.


The No Bullies Allowed parent certification course equips parents with the knowledge and tools to deter bullying traits and identify if their child is being bullied or bullying others. This training is important in making sure a child is instilled with positive character traits at home.

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Our teacher certification gives educators in-depth insight into peer to peer bullying. We point out the warning signs, how to prevent and deter bullying among students. We also provide teachers with the tools to stop a bullying event and provide help to victims.

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