Facility Training

No Bullies Allowed Facility Training provides bullying prevention and conflict resolution to businesses that service children and families. Businesses become official No Bullies Allowed facilities upon successful completion.

Why have bullying prevention training in your facility?

Bullying also occurs outside of schools in kid-friendly businesses. Businesses play a vital role in ensuring the safety of children. By educating and training staff to identify bullying behavior and manage conflict, these facilities show a commitment to anti-bullying and the safety of each child.


With certification, individuals and facilities are expected to uphold the anti-bullying policy and implement strategies learned in the course to prevent bullying events.

Types of Certification


Businesses will send an appointed employee(s)/manager(s) to complete the No Bullies Allowed training course. Completion of the course will give your employee(s) certification.


Businesses can request certification for their facility. A No Bullies Allowed representative will make a pre-visit to the business and provide customized training.

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