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Martial Arts Gives Kids the Tools to Stand Up to Bullies

Nearly one in three students in the U.S. report being bullied during the school year. Approximately 20 percent of high schoolers report being bullied during the school year, while nearly 15 percent report being bullied online (cyber-bullying). What’s more eye opening is that only about 36 percent of children who are bullied actually report it.

Even adults can experience bullying in the workplace, or online—however many adults are more equipped to deal with bullies than children.

The effects of bullying can be devastating. Reports have shown that students who are bullied have an increased risk of depression, anxiety, difficulty sleeping and poor performance in school. These children are also more likely to experience negative health effects such as headaches and stomach problems.

But bullying doesn’t only affect the bullied, it also has negative effects on the bully. Students who bully others are at higher risk of substance use and abuse, academic problems and violence later in adolescence. A strong association between bullying and suicide also exist.

In recent years, bullying and cyber bullying have gained the attention of lawmakers, educators, parents, medical professionals and the media. Schools are putting bullying prevention education and practices in place. Students are being taught to be more than a bystander, but to step in and help those who are being bullied and those who are experiencing bullying are being encouraged to speak up whether a witness, target or bully.

As time goes on, we hope to see positive results from these anti-bullying measures, but is there more that can be done?

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