For a Day

No Bullies Allowed For a Day program connects businesses and/or professionals with children in a hands-on, educational learning experience. Each session provides valuable, real world knowledge that helps build confidence, exhibits the value of hard work and gives children access to tools and environments otherwise unavailable.

We invite businesses and/or professionals to sign up and participate in our For a Day program. We will help in planning the event, schedule an onboarding, and make an onsite visit.

1. First Meeting

We will schedule a meeting with your staff to discuss the details of the program.

We’ll discuss the services/products your company offers. We will also train your participating staff on interacting with children who have been bullied and the best forms of engagement.

2. Structure

After our first meeting, we’ll create a structure for the day. Whether it’s organizing tours, interactive segments or group conversations we’ll work together to ensure children are being engaged and stimulated during your For a Day event.

We will also discuss an hour-by-hour plan along with opportunities for pictures.

3. Schedule

After solidifying and approving the structure, let’s schedule when we’ll hold your event.

The For A Day program launches in March 2020  and you can have multiple For a Days throughout the year. We’ll work with you to pick the best dates and times.

4. Connect

We will connect  the right students that fit your For a Day event.

In addition, we will provide your company with detailed information of each student that will attend your For a Day event.

We’d love to connect with you. Reach us via phone, email, social media or the contact form provided.

p: 512.886.2622

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