Workplace Giving

We have multiple ways your employees can show support for No Bullies Allowed with easy, online giving, volunteering and certification. We would love to schedule a visit to your office to talk to your employees about they can get involved.

Share Your Story

Bullying thrives in secrecy. When parents and victims tell their story, it removes the veil that bullying relies on. We give those that have been bullied a platform to give and receive support.

Employee Giving

We’d like to present our organization as an option for your employees to donate to from their paycheck. The monthly/bi-weekly donation will help our organizational costs and contribute to launching more programs in local areas.


No Bullies Allowed welcomes creative and passionate individuals that would like to volunteer their time and skills to our organization. We have a variety of volunteering opportunities, from supporting our campaigns to becoming a social ambassador.

Parent Certification

The No Bullies Allowed parent certification course equips parents with the knowledge and tools to deter bullying traits and identify if their child is being bullied or bullying others. This training is important in making sure a child is instilled with positive character traits at home.

We’d love to connect with you. Reach us via phone, email, social media or the contact form provided.

p: 512.886.2622

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